miercuri, iunie 23, 2010

Una buna de tot, de la prietenii nostri, researcherii.

Stire de ieri de pe AdAge, despre oamenii “cu putere” si care “se baga”. Suna foarte familiar si tare ne mai vine sa extrapolam, dar ne abtinem.

Key to New-Product Success May Be Keeping the Boss Away
Nielsen Finds Proximity of Teams to Managers Fuels Product Failure

The key to new-product success for package-goods companies may boil down to something very simple: Keep the boss out of the process. Companies with less senior-management involvement in the new-product process generate 80% more revenue from new products than those with the highest levels of senior-management involvement, according to Nielsen.

"While we don't dispute senior management's strengths and good intentions, they are often too quick to get involved in the creative process, especially when things are not going well and their mere presence can stifle free thinking," Tom Agan, senior VP-managing director of Nielsen, said in a statement.

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