vineri, septembrie 18, 2009

Acum, si la D&AD.

Treaba incepe sa se agite. Poate pentru ca festivaliada a ajuns insuportabil de nesimtita oriunde in lumea asta. Spicuit dintr-un articol din AdAge-ul de azi:

“In a move that some say doesn't go far enough, the D&AD will publicly point the finger at creatives who submit scam ads to the U.K.'s most important awards show.

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and the U.K.'s premium awards show, D&AD, are both reviewing their entry and judging policies as part of the continued fallout from the DDB Brasil "Tsunami" controversy. The D&AD punishment takes a "name and shame" approach to the problem, pointing the finger at the executive creative director for all wrongdoing. Every scam entry will be made public, in an effort to push a sense of responsibility back to the agency.

For some, this tactic does not go far enough. Chris Arnold, a former Saatchi & Saatchi creative director and founder of Creative Orchestra, said, "A lot of people in this industry have relied on scam ads for their fame and fortune. What we need is for all the big awards shows to get together and create a blanket policy. The incentives to win awards are too high, so you need to be heavy on punishment if you want to weed out scam ads."

Mr. Arnold suggests a two-year outright ban on the whole agency if a scam ad is entered, and also thinks that the issue needs to be addressed from on high, with agency chiefs speaking out against the culture of faking.”

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