vineri, iulie 24, 2009

Pitch cu 100 de agentii.

Da, s-a intamplat si, culmea, nu in Romania.
Din AdAge-ul de azi:

“Zappos had originally planned on a closed review of 16 agencies to complete an RFP, which included spec creative. If that was the whole story, I'd still have rolled my eyes. First, 16 agencies is way too many. With the resources available, there's no reason a client can't narrow a list to four or five agencies it feels will be a good fit.

And then there's the whole spec-creative deal. I don't know any agency that doesn't moan about having to do that. And it isn't just the possibility of giving away our ideas for free. It's that coming up with a campaign from whole cloth in a week or so doesn't really show what an agency can do. Or at least it doesn't show what we ought to be doing for a client. It's giving them a nicely wrapped box with nothing inside.

But back to Zappos, whose review really got out of hand. After news of the review became public, agencies lobbied to join the original 16. And Zappos said, "Come on in," until it had more than 100 agencies involved.”

Faza cea mai misto insa e ca dupa trimiterea propunerilor, s-a anuntat ca Zappos va fi cumparat de Amazon. Deci toti cretinii aia lacomi s-au ambetat degeaba. Inca nu imi vine sa cred ca nu e o poveste romaneasca.

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iancu spunea...

Eu ma bucur, e inca o dovada ca Romania nu e capul rautatilor sa curul lumii cum inca multi sunt convinsi. Faina faza cu Amazon :D