joi, septembrie 24, 2009

Na, c-am trait s-o vedem si pe asta.

Intr-un fel e ridicol, intr-un fel e misto – dar confirma inca o data ca abuzul de orice fel naste un abuz egal si de semn contrar:

French Lawmakers Want Warnings on Airbrushed Photos

Proposed Bill Targets Magazines, Advertising; Violation Carries a $16,000 Fine

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- A group of French politicians led by an expert on eating disorders wants to put warnings on airbrushed photo spreads in magazines as well as doctored shots in used in advertisements and packaging. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, 50 French members of parliament are behind the bill.

The legislation's chief proponent is Valerie Boyer, author of a report on eating disorders and a member of the same party as President Nicolas Sarkozy, who himself has seen his love handles airbrushed by Paris Match. His ex-model wife, Carla Bruni, is also likely no stranger to a retouching.

While magazine publishers will surely balk at such a rule, the language being proposed appears to be quite mild, nothing like the graphic warnings put on, say, cigarette packages in many countries. Ms. Boyer, according to The Telegraph, said the wording should read: "Retouched photograph aimed at changing a person's physical appearance." Mrs Boyer said she wanted a fine of more than $16,000, or as much as 50% of the ad campaign's cost.

Pe de o alta parte, asta repune in discutie – skill-urile “analoge” si pierdute ale fotografilor, ceea ce e foarte bine. More power to them, as it used to be.

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au trecut aproape 200 de ani de la inventarea fotografiei si oamenii inca nu fac diferenta dintre ea si realitate...mai vine si photoshopul acuma sa le incurce mintile de tot